Pearl Chocolate makes every bonbon and chocolate bar by hand, through time-tested methods. We strive to create the best taste experiences possible using fine-flavor, single-origin chocolate and cocoa beans from around the world. In addition to using sustainably sourced chocolate and beans, Pearl Chocolate is made with predominantly local ingredients.


For us, chocolate is an art form, and we believe in expressing ourselves. Pearl Chocolate is dedicated to fine flavor and engaging chocolate lovers with exciting new taste experiences. Each of our bonbons is made of high-quality chocolate from up to three regions, infused with flowers, herbs, spices, fruits and nuts. We believe in creative blending and bold experimentation, pairing the familiar with fresh and unexpected flavors.


Pearl Chocolate honors the origins of the chocolate we use and the farmers who grow it. We work with couverture from Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Ecuador, Brazil and Hawaii, with a focus on bringing out the complex flavors unique to each region — similar to how grapes from different regions produce unique flavor profiles. Our goal is to highlight the depth of fruity, earthy, spicy, coffee and floral notes from each origin, while creating bonbons with respect to classic techniques.

In addition, we use direct trade cacao sourced from Fiji as well as sustainably sourced beans from other regions to transform raw cacao into tempered chocolate for making bonbons and bars.

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